Magura blade with milled section

Left hand footrest with stainless steel boss

Elite titanium countershaft spindle. Super lightweight.

Elite stainless steel front seat bracket. 4mm and HD 5mm thick. Also in tall version.

Elite sling pin with countersunk fixing

Elite seat bracket saver stay bar. Alloy in silver, blue, gold, black. Or lightweight carbon fibre.

Elite right hand footrest lifting spring for Jawa and Stuha

Elite rear frame clips. Chrome, stainless, heavy duty and rubber lined.

Elite P shaped exhaust clips. Heavy duty, lightweight wide slot, slotted all around, solid, narrow slot, lightweight silencer clamp

Elite oil filler bung, silver, blue, black, red, gold from stock

Elite long clutch screw adjuster with deep head

Elite lightweight tank clip stainless, chromed

Elite lightweight engine bolt and nut. 12.9 grade hollow M10 X 105mm

Elite lifting handle push ar for new regulation. Silver, blue, black, gold, red from stock.

Elite high countershaft bolt

Elite countershaft bolt moon shaped nut, knurled for grip

Elite countershaft adjuster, all steel construction

Elite inlet bung with machined groove for better seal

Elite Blixt carb top, threaded. All colours.

Elite rear wheel adjusters 6mm thick

Elite rear spindle nuts. Standard 24mm, 19mm and 24mm spanner size

Elite clutch mushroom with bearing. 6 + 7mm shaft size.

Elite alloy rear seat bracket. Layback 135mm, 155mm,180mm all colours

Elite rear alloy seat bracket. 125mm, 160mm, 175mm all colours

Elite carbon fibre rear bracket 135mm + 140mm

Fuel tanks, internal thread cap, 1/4 tap thread. All colours shown

Elite alloy tank cap, all colours shown

Elite clutch adjusting tool

Elite dial holder and dial guage for Blixt carb

Elite jet racks

Elite timing discs 240mm + 160mm, Jawa or GM centre

Elite spacers 23mm, 20mm, 15mm with 6mm internal size

Elite silencer and exhaust brackets

Elite lightweight silencer, exhaust bracket

Elite stainless steel exhaust pipe 48mm spigot size G7 shaped

Elite brackets M10-6 threaded, M6-6 threaded, M10-6 plain

Elite steel shoes from size 35 - 48 for Daytona Master 2, Daytona Evo + carbons, TCX and Forma Wulfsport

Elite plastic rear wheel adjusters

Elite clutch packing shims for precise aligning of clutch and sprockets

Elite rear wheel alloy adjusters 13mm and 16mm

Elite oil catch bottle and alloy catch tank, legal size for regs

Elite alloy fork band carriers

Elite GM oil filler bung

Elite plastic fork band carriers

Elite large 35gram, and small 20gram wheel balancing weight

Elite mounting rubbers. 20mm male/female, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 20mm lightweight, 19mm male/male

Elite coil mount, male/male thread, female/female thread

Elite chain guide. Two angle position, two distance position. All alloy clamp