Speedway Service Ltd | Service

We can offer a quick and reliable service on any of the following:

Engine rebuilding and tuning
We are able to undertake Jawa, GM and Jap engine preparation, modification and tuning. We regret that time does not permit work to be carried out on other types of engines.

Crankshafts fully reconditioned, big ends fitted, wheels balanced, con rods honed, assemblies trued.

Cylinder barrels
Resleeving, reboring, honing

Cylinder heads Valve seat inserts fitted, guides fitted, seats cut

Magnetos throroughly reconditioned, serviced, remagnetised and tested

Frame repairs
Welding, bronze welding, frames straightened and trued

Chrome and zinc plating, also anodising

Wheel building
Wheels rebuilt, respoked, trued. Special wheels built to order

Alloy welding
Crankcases, heads etc. Welded and remachined

Exchange service
For those urgent repairs, 'required yesterday' - bring your faulty or damaged item and take a reconditioned off the shelf replacement

Exchange items include - cylinder barrels, oil pumps, ignition boxes, magnetos etc.

Our workshops are equipped to service and repair all items of speedway equipment. No job too large or small. All at highly competitive prices.

The complete Speedway Service.