Joba shaped round rear

Joba shape round front

Rear chainguard Jawa + stuha

Original KC

Long Jawa front

Hagon shape speedway

Grasstrack short front

Early Hagon shape

Old type upright front chainguard

Curved front dirtshield

Joba shape pointed rear

Low profile KC rear

Rear wheel spoiler 19" + 22" other sizes to order

Racer rear with lipped edge

Loop rear frame and upright chainguards

Joba shaped wide pointed front

Ivan Mauger longtrack shape

Flat dirtshield

Curved front dirtshield with lip

Joba shape pointed front

GP rear 

Racer rear

Late Hagon shape

Jawa Monoshock

Grasstrack with number panels

GP front

890 rear

Elite grasstrack / longtrack rear guard